The beginnings of Music Vendor and Record World began in 1946 with a steno copied publication called Music Guild. Copies of this are extremely rare and to visualize one is a real rarity.
We are lucky to have one, see enclosed caption from 1955, just before the publication became Music Vendor.  This was verified through Joel Whitburns Record Research.  
Here is the first chart from 1955. This is the holy grail 
of Record World History. Courtesy of Jim O'Toole, Rochester, Mn.

​Record World magazine was one of the three main music industry trade publications in the United States, along with Billboard and Cash Box magazines. It was founded in 1946 under the nameMusic Vendor, but in 1964 it was changed to Record World, under the ownership of Sid Parnes and Bob Austin. It ceased publication in April 1982. Many music industry personalities, writers and critics began their careers there in the early 1970s to 1980s.  In 2012, it was announced that much of the history of Record World (and its predecessor publication, Music Vendor) would be chronicled in a 1954-1982 volume produced by Joel Whitburn's Record Research, long associated with Billboard presentations. The book was distributed in September 2012

In early 2013 CashBox's  Bruce Elrod started a new chapter in Record World magazine's long legacy by re-launching the magazine with a mission to serve solely independent artists and labels. We will chronical the evolution of the new Record World Magazine here so check back often.

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